Twin Sensing

Through the last three years of research we have tried to maximize our ability to detect sound. It has undergone numerous tests to select sensor materials and to find optimal locations. Under any circumstances, it applied its own twin-sensing technology to receive a lot of data and send it to the main CPU for analysis. This means that two sensors in different positions accept the sound of the string, reducing the range of errors and allowing continuous operation. It is a key technology of JOWOOM, which is currently applying for patents in the United States, Europe and other Asian countries.

1.93 Rotation Angle 

The precision of the rotation angle is very important because the auto-tube is tuned to the desired sound by adjusting the rotation angle. An encoder shall be attached to the motor to obtain a precise rotation angle. Although there are only seven rotating sensors in a typical encoder, the JOWOOM R&D center has increased the number of sensors to 11 to allow fine operation. This means that the peg connector is subdivided into 187 signals and angles when rotated. Adjusting the head machine at an angle of 1.93 degrees, precision tuning is possible at any other time when determining the rotation value.

Torque Optimization

We wanted T2 Smart Tuner to be used by expert groups by performing the function of a professional Electric String Winder. Thus, the design was designed to rotate even the stiff head machine so that it can be useful for changing tuning and string. The following four methods have been applied to achieve increased torque in the motor: First, the use of a tensile magnet, second coil quantity, third power and voltage increase, lastly low gear ratio. However, the problem is that the same increase in the electric field affects other parts, causing malfunction. Through numerous optimizations, JOWOOM's R&D center has secured unique conditions for sensing while maintaining strong torque.

Control Logic

Accurately recognizing the sound of a string instrument is the most difficult part of the development of an automatic tuner. The sound produced by anthrax has several sounds at the same time, and thus basically can't help but pose an error. In other words, when hitting the other five lines (2A), not only the target sound of 2A, but also the target sound of 1A and 3A above and below the octave are identified. In addition, the full 5-degree and 4-degree notes are read in full review. Because these natural phenomenon errors are not completely eliminated, JOWOOM uses Median Filter technology to apply primary defense techniques. Also, the Lo/Hi Display function is designed to prevent the stripping of strings due to back-pitched sound by preventing it from responding if it is too low or too high to the expected sound level. Furthermore, the Lo/Hi Display function can have a defensive effect even if the user inadvertently conveys a string different from the head machine fitted to the tuner.

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