Thirty years ago, tuning was a big homework for students learning to play guitar. Tuning is very difficult for people who don't understand sound. I was afraid of which direction to wind the string and which way to wind it up. If there is no piano at home that can help tune, I still remember the days when I used to play pitch pipes.

Consideration, compassion and empathy for beginner

The 21st century is rich in material. We live in an era where electronic devices can be purchased online easily and cheaply. Some extra clip-type tuners become essential items for guitars and ukuleles, making tuning easier. Despite the generalization of clip-type tuners, tuning is still a cause of fear. Because there are still many beginners who do not know the direction to close and release the string, and it is difficult to solve by themselves.

Tuning is something you always have to do repeatedly when you practice musical instruments every day. Have you ever taught a lot of students guitar? If so, tuning would be considered a big deal. Our developers have the same experience in the past and now. In other words, there was a desire to do tuning faster and more easily than anyone else. I wish someone could solve this inconvenience.

Accompaniment for a semi-professional

If you need an irregular tuning and if string replacement is frequent due to frequent performance, you need professional tools. What inconveniences would people in other repair shops or other manufacturers have? JOWOOM's product was born with the belief that it would be convenient for everyone if it had enough power while simultaneously playing the role of electric string detection.

Professinal equipment for professinals

Innovation JOWOOM

JOWOOM stands for Good in Korean. There are brand ideas in your life to try to make the best part, even a small part. Our history began with the development of pickup in 2010. The first consideration needed for development was innovation and quality.
Products that lack innovation and quality will inevitably fall out of the market. To add a small amount of consideration and design, we are lighting up the lab today.

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